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Gears of War 2 – Automatic Host Bridge

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Edit – Read this:
Some friends and youtube people reported to me some sad news…  it’s not working like some time ago, and now it’s failing almost all times (before, the success rate was about 98%).
I can’t test or update because i’m banned from xbox live (O hay pirates!) and my other xboxs red ringed (I love the 38C/40C summer temperatures of brazil, but my 360’s not :( )
Thanks for reporting, I’m planning to buy another xbox (will be the number 6, shouts to RROD!) when a solution to mod the newer LiteOn to use with iXtreme LT don’t needs soldering, and will fix this thing, and maybe a port to OSX (this was made with C# .net. Port with mono will be a breeze).

Only tested with a laptop on Wi-Fi. My entire house is wireless, so i don’t know if works over a wired network.
Nuff Said.
Download Here(DirectLink)
Download .Net Frameworks if you use Windows XP.

Use the “Help” option to instructions.
Ignore the “Trojan.Deleter”. Its a false positive (When you close the program, it deletes the packet buffer located at your temp folder).


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