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How to fix MultiTask Crash / Respring on 4.2.1 iPhone 3G

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Download this file and drop it inside “/system/library/coreservices/”. (Using DISKAID, or other device file browser, you can SSH too).

To do it manually, edit your N82AP.plist and change “<key>opengles-1</key>” to “<key>opengles-2</key>”.

Reboot your device or respring.

The above .plist, enables multitask and fixes the crash, but if you are searching for Multitasking + HomeScreenWallPaper + Fix: Download This .Plist and drop on the same place mentioned above.

I don’t know if more people found this before, I fixed accidentally messing with the plist to enable multitasking. It crashed a lot and I started to change every value to find what I broke.


  • Chris Nutter

    30 novembro, 2010., 11:51 pm / Reply

    sweet!! this works perfectly on my iphone 3g 4.2.1!! Genius!! Thanx!! Andy!!

  • Cherry_NL

    1 dezembro, 2010., 7:29 pm / Reply

    Great, it stopped crashing when clicking links inside apps too!

  • 4m1g0

    14 dezembro, 2010., 9:28 pm / Reply

    I really LOVE you.Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

  • Alan

    16 dezembro, 2010., 8:39 pm / Reply

    I tried both and they didnt work what can I do

  • miki

    19 dezembro, 2010., 4:26 pm / Reply

    You are great to me, everything works fine thanks

  • jello_Philippines

    20 dezembro, 2010., 8:42 am / Reply

    HELP HELP! when i clicked the "N82AP" it says :no application is associated with the specified file for this operation diskaid

    • pilipino_rin_ako

      23 dezembro, 2010., 2:26 am / Reply

      try using notepad :))

  • AirBorn

    20 dezembro, 2010., 6:53 pm / Reply

    It really works! Thank you very much!

    • jello_Philippines

      21 dezembro, 2010., 8:04 am / Reply

      hey pls help me! tell me what did you do

  • 123

    22 dezembro, 2010., 8:06 am / Reply

    Greaaat, thanks, my iPhone had been so annying last weeks since it crashed like 20 times in a day. I Love You.

  • Anônimo

    23 dezembro, 2010., 9:35 am / Reply

    where do i drop it? i don't get it!

    • MaxNak4

      10 fevereiro, 2011., 1:20 am / Reply

      Dude read what it says RITE UNDER THE PICTURE

  • 0980

    23 dezembro, 2010., 10:36 am / Reply


    • MaxNak4

      10 fevereiro, 2011., 1:18 am / Reply

      Install iFile from Cydia and go to /System/CoreServices/ and find the N82AP.plist and you can veiw and edit it from there directly on your iphone with out a computer and it should work

  • From Japan

    30 dezembro, 2010., 2:59 pm / Reply

    Great!!Thank you very much!!

  • ryan

    30 dezembro, 2010., 4:16 pm / Reply

    thanks mate, and for anyone looking to enable homescreen wallpaper; simply change:homescreen-wallpaper To:homescreen-wallpaper in the N82AP.plist

    • MaxNak4

      10 fevereiro, 2011., 1:30 am / Reply

      Dude hate 2 break it 2 u but theres absolutely positivly no difforence between homescreen-wallpaper And homescreen-wallpaper For those of u who realy want it you have to change thedirectly under where it says homescreen-wallpaper or whatever to

      • MaxNak4

        10 fevereiro, 2011., 1:34 am / Reply

        Wow it should say change . to . but for some reason didnt show up unless i add a . At the end so just pretend its not there

        • MaxNak4

          10 fevereiro, 2011., 1:37 am / Reply

          Ok apperently i hav to space it to just there should be no spaces between wen u change it

          • MaxNak4

            10 fevereiro, 2011., 1:39 am /

            Wow the fing thing blocks it just wow wtf?????????????y man y???????

  • ryan

    30 dezembro, 2010., 4:18 pm / Reply

    "homescreen-wallpaper " to:"homescreen-wallpaper "it wont show the bits -.-, but basically change the false, to true next to homescreen wallpaper.

  • Tristan

    3 janeiro, 2011., 4:10 pm / Reply

    Thanks so much mate! Stopped my textmessaging (Selecting ''text'' contact in the contacts menu) crashing as well.. 100% great!! Really.. thanks a lot

  • Steve

    8 janeiro, 2011., 3:20 am / Reply

    Thank you! I thought I tried everything.Follow these directions: copy and paste the file in this post to replace N82AP. Make sure and backup in text file!

  • Albert

    9 janeiro, 2011., 6:13 pm / Reply

    beautiful, i just want you to know; you're my favorite mod.worked perfectly!

  • Alec

    10 janeiro, 2011., 6:55 pm / Reply

    works like a charm. but when i did this it disabled my background wallpaper :[

    • Andy

      17 janeiro, 2011., 9:05 pm / Reply

      I'm posting now some new .plists with multitasking and wallpapers.. just one minute..

  • jayden

    14 janeiro, 2011., 12:36 am / Reply

    Works, but i now have a white line through my send button in text messaging, how can i fix this?

    • Andy

      17 janeiro, 2011., 9:03 pm / Reply

      I think you can't... :(

    • bismarck

      4 março, 2011., 12:18 am / Reply

      it works for me when i realize that white line, and is bugging me! how can we fix this

  • alex

    15 janeiro, 2011., 4:00 pm / Reply

    realy works thank's realy thank's

  • Karan

    21 janeiro, 2011., 1:52 pm / Reply

    beauty! thanks a tonne ...genius !

  • Suresh

    27 janeiro, 2011., 3:19 pm / Reply

    Thanks a Ton ... U Rock ..!!!!

  • amar

    31 janeiro, 2011., 1:20 am / Reply

    i m so thankful to everybody on the internet for supporting iphone i ve done so many things that i never thought of with the help of internet like make multitasking properly and jailbreak and all other things

  • Cristutz

    2 fevereiro, 2011., 7:47 am / Reply

    Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!!

  • Jose

    6 fevereiro, 2011., 5:46 pm / Reply

    awesome, thanks

    • Anônimo

      7 fevereiro, 2011., 10:09 pm / Reply

      Is works initially but I noticed the setting opengles-2 changes back to opengles-1 in a day or two. How can I make the setting permanent?

  • lollololol

    9 fevereiro, 2011., 10:54 pm / Reply


  • abahkuka

    11 fevereiro, 2011., 9:15 am / Reply

    Its works, I love it .. thanks for u very very much

  • phil

    13 fevereiro, 2011., 8:58 am / Reply

    it worked great, but how come some apps like sms app now have a white line going through the send button? i can live with it im just curious

  • AMAR

    14 fevereiro, 2011., 4:19 am / Reply


  • leung

    15 fevereiro, 2011., 9:27 am / Reply

    I really love you THX

  • josef

    19 fevereiro, 2011., 8:13 pm / Reply

    gr8 thnk u so much :)

  • Josue

    27 fevereiro, 2011., 9:12 pm / Reply

    thankks so muchh,. this rele workedd. :D

  • Amir

    11 março, 2011., 1:40 am / Reply

    I love U It"s work.. :) Thank you very much

  • Zak

    24 março, 2011., 2:19 pm / Reply

    Thank you, works like a charm.

  • Graham

    5 abril, 2011., 12:22 pm / Reply

    Worked for me! Thank you so much =)

    • Lyddy

      23 agosto, 2014., 2:47 pm / Reply

      I told my kids we'd play after I found what I neeedd. Damnit.

  • Roland

    12 abril, 2011., 9:45 pm / Reply

    Awesome! Works perfect! Been looking for a fix for awhile now. Was just about to do a default restore and jailbreak, unlock process all over again. But this seems to have fixed the issue. Much Mahalo!

  • Jose

    13 abril, 2011., 11:17 pm / Reply

    Thanks man, i love you.

  • Naki

    14 abril, 2011., 5:09 am / Reply

    Adam?m helal olsun. çal???yor

  • Kenny

    5 maio, 2011., 10:14 am / Reply

    Alternative to the above fix that does not give the graphic errors i.e. sms send button etc*Taking some help I got in another thread on ipt forums, I decided to make it into a tutorial since lots of people think this would be useful.As we all know, apple decided it would be cool to break support for pro switcher, multifl0w, etc and use their crappy multitasking instead. In this tutorial, I will explain how to use Apple's multitasking bar with Backgrounder. Note this disables Apple's 'multitasking' and replaces them with backgrounder multitasking.This is great for older iDevices with 128MB RAM because they don't support Apple's multitasking anyway, but these steps can be performed on any iDevice.Here are the steps:1. Jailbreak your iDevice (duh )2. Open Cydia and download Backgrounder3. Open Backgrounder and go to Global. Make sure "Backgrounder" is checked as 'Backgrounding Method' and "Fall Back to Native" is TURNED OFF4. SSH TO /System/Libary/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app5. Locate the N72AP.plist6. Copy the .plist file to your computer. Open your .plist editor program and add the following (anywhere in the file):mulitasking7. Copy the newly edited .plist file back to the directory on your iDevice and REBOOT.8. Open Cydia and download a package called Remove Recents.9. Respring and you're done!!***PLIST EDITOR:***[/b]STEPS 4-7 ARE NOT REQUIRED FOR iPod Touch 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4

  • Kenny

    5 maio, 2011., 10:29 am / Reply

    Sorry it should be N82AP.plist you need to edit.

  • Kenny

    5 maio, 2011., 10:35 am / Reply

    Also if you have used the above fix change opengles-2 back to opengles-1

  • momochii

    21 maio, 2011., 9:15 pm / Reply

    Nice site, nice and easy on the eyes and great content too.

  • Victor Van Wassenhove

    22 maio, 2011., 5:55 pm / Reply

    HERO! Thank you so much for messing with the .plist stuff. ;)

  • Larry

    24 maio, 2011., 3:04 am / Reply

    Thank youuu

  • Lasse

    28 maio, 2011., 10:33 am / Reply

    Nice dude! Great job! Thank you for sharing

  • iucle

    30 maio, 2011., 7:02 pm / Reply

    Great work man!!! That works perfectly!! Was looking for that fix for such a long time!! thank you indeed!!

  • Diego

    20 junho, 2011., 10:23 am / Reply

    Simply excellent!! And thanks for sharing.. :D

  • Kalyan

    21 junho, 2011., 9:52 am / Reply

    Thanks a lot. When I tried to open a PDF from the mail attachment , it used to put me in safe mode.Same if i try to text message from the contacts.Now it works perfectly

  • barry

    28 junho, 2011., 7:06 am / Reply

    thanks so much! ive been having this problem for so long, and now its finally been resolved!

  • Eric

    3 julho, 2011., 3:22 pm / Reply

    Thanks! It works perfectly for iphone 3G!

  • fer

    13 julho, 2011., 4:23 pm / Reply

    One more Thanks, It worked, I used ifile for editing .plist directly in the iphone, now it is 100% running

  • Pinoy Ako!

    25 julho, 2011., 11:48 am / Reply

    Bug fix for springboard crash when sending messages from contacts; tethering and reading msgs while in an open application - Czar style... :pfor jailbreak 4.2.1 redsnow :)Steps:1. download and install iFile from cydia2. open iFile3. SSH to /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app4. scroll down, find and edit N82AP.plist5. Locate and edit this command inside the program list, simply replace the the "true" text to "false" to disable the program. (do not remove less than and more than sign before and after /false)multitasking to: multitasking /true /false6. save the N82AP.plist and exit iFile7. respring and your done... no more springboard not saying that this will work in all phones, but this works for me so im just sharing it to y'all.

    • sminocha

      5 outubro, 2011., 10:42 am / Reply

      How can I do this if I jailbroke using cydia? Help before I turn my 3g into scrap metal.

    • bob

      15 outubro, 2011., 4:08 pm / Reply

      what do you mean to SSH? i cant find system in ifile.

      • bob

        15 outubro, 2011., 4:22 pm / Reply

        i found the file but where is the N82AP file.

    • BABAriin

      12 abril, 2012., 11:39 am / Reply

      PINOY AKO! THANKS ALOT DUDE!. i've been this with this problem for the last 8 months :))

      • BABAriin

        12 abril, 2012., 11:42 am / Reply

        *dealing with:))

  • Daniel

    18 agosto, 2011., 6:23 am / Reply

    After struggling doing this, I accidentally discovered how to fix the graphic problem, obtaining a white line on button send that it looks good with 0 crash on any app hahaha!!!

    • selmy

      26 fevereiro, 2012., 7:02 pm / Reply

      how did fix the line maaan

  • Rineesh

    21 agosto, 2011., 1:51 am / Reply

    Thanks fine workingBut slow that is of low ram for iPhone 3GAnyway fine

  • HTM

    7 setembro, 2011., 11:27 am / Reply

    Thanks Pinoy Ako. Your solution works Man!Regards

  • Albin

    13 setembro, 2011., 6:09 pm / Reply

    Thank you so much for solving an issue that has been driving me insane lately!Best Regards Albin

  • wh1tef0x

    15 setembro, 2011., 2:07 pm / Reply

    just genial, worked for my 3G, was missing this feature

  • Cracked

    21 setembro, 2011., 5:06 am / Reply

    Thanks a lot!!!!!This method fixes the multitask switch crash, and also fixes the contact->map, website or sms crash. I'm very happy about it, because I couldn't find any solution. Awesome!

  • angela

    11 dezembro, 2011., 2:13 am / Reply

    But i notice that theres a white line on the send button. How can i fix it?

  • shaqone

    17 dezembro, 2011., 5:24 pm / Reply

    Thanks for the fix !

  • Rishad

    28 fevereiro, 2012., 1:35 pm / Reply

    hey shud i copy all dis in a notepad and paste it in dat folder??

  • Kruno

    7 março, 2012., 4:36 am / Reply

    Thanks for opengles-2. :)

  • HP

    12 março, 2012., 4:15 pm / Reply

    Thanks, I did the same, and worked as well, but would like to ask?Is there any way, where both works, multitasking and SMS App.Becuase i noticed, We can reduce RAM by closing such applications.Awaiting for your reply.REgards Hardik.

  • @@Hardik@@

    14 março, 2012., 3:38 pm / Reply

    Hey Friends,I have 3G and recently updated with 4.2.1. After that i was facing the problem, like SMS app get crashed while replying to any text, or sending text from recent calls,I solved the same, with mentioned tutorial, making False to Multitasking, in .plist file. and it works, Gr8.But is there, any way, where i can use both multitasking and SMS Reply, from contact and from recent as well. becuase multitasking helps me to navigate easily, while without that, WhatsApp, and other related application does not work, each time i open that appication, and it goes to connect.Please help me to sort out. Would be greate tutorial.Thanks hardik.

  • DuongTran

    19 abril, 2012., 4:14 am / Reply

    Thanks you for help. Good jobs. :)

  • Shlok Patel

    24 maio, 2012., 3:04 pm / Reply

    Thanks a lot, was about to disable multitasking because it kept causing my phone to respring when I tried to multitask but thanks to your trick it is much faster and actually works.

  • Anônimo

    2 outubro, 2012., 11:30 pm / Reply

    Works for me :-) iPhone 3G 4.2.1

  • Justin

    10 janeiro, 2013., 6:59 am / Reply

    OH MY GAWWWWWWDDDD!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D I had been having that problem ever since i jailbroke my iphone 3G with redsnow on ios 4.2.1!!!!!! OMGOMGOMG luv uuuuuuuu!!! (no homo) :)

  • Carajean

    23 agosto, 2014., 2:34 pm / Reply

    Hey, that's the grteatse! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

  • Xckhe_PH

    12 setembro, 2014., 2:52 am / Reply

    how to fix springboard crash on whitedoor7? anyone?


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